The Incredible month of Football.

Since the lockdown has been raised and the world is trying to live with the corona virus while taking precautions. Its been a month since football was given a green light in various parts of world but as a precautionary measure the matches had to be played behind closed doors without any audience. With the change in certain rules there will be 2 cooling breaks in a 90 minutes match including the halftime break. The players are not allowed to spit on the pitch. All the players who have started training for their respective clubs have tested negative for the virus. The previous week of football was something incredible and no football fan would want to miss it. Here we have what all happened during this week of football around the world.

Liverpool crowned Premiere League Champions.

Liverpool were crowned the premiere league champions on Thursday as Chelsea beat Manchester city by a score of 2-1. This ended the 30 year long wait of the reds to win the English Premiere League. This was the 19th league title for the reds. Liverpool still got seven games to play as they are now 23 points clear on top with Manchester city on the 2nd position. In the 31 league games played Liverpool were able to win 28 of them which prompted the Liverpool star Mohamed Salah to speak up and he said “now is our time to win the league”. It has been a tough time for the Liverpool fans as due to the pandemic there were chances of the league being called off and there would have been no declared winner on the other hand Liverpool had not won the trophy from the past 30 years but the wait was worth it as now all the Liverpool fans are celebrating around the world chanting “YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE”.

Barcelona’s La Liga title slipping away.

Barcelona drew with a score of 2-2 against Celta the previous night. With suarez opening the scoring for barcelona was a good sign for the striker as he had returned from an injury. Both the goals were scored by suarez and were assisted by messi. Everytime celta moved forward they seemed dangerous as they created many chances from the wings but failed to score in the first half. With the second half in hand celta looked to hurt barca on the counter and as they got the chance they scored to level the score 1-1 but later on suarez score another goal to make it 2-1 for the spanish giants. The twist came in the 87th minute of the match where celta had a freekick just outside the box. The captain stood up to take the freekick and scored an absolute beauty which leveled the scoreline and fortunately the final whistle was called off. Barcelona move on top of the table by just one point clear ahead of real madrid. The whites play espanyol today and if the zinedine zidane man pull off the victory they would move 2 points clear on top ahead of barcelona.

Juventus loose Coppa Italia to Napoli.

Napoli stunned the former Italian champions by dragging the match into the penalty shootout. Most of the talk was on ronaldo’s form as he was not able to make any major impact to the game. Ronaldo did not even get a chance to take a penalty as napoli won 4-2 on penalties. The Juventus coach spoke up and said “Cristiano Ronaldo is struggling to regain his famous acceleration speed after the shutdown forced by the corona virus pandemic”. After the result Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister slammed the Juventus coach and his tactics. She wrote on Instagram “what more can you do?This is it and that’s all, that’s why my darling cant work miracles on his ow… I don’t understand how you can play like this anyway … head up,my king.”

The return of football has already caused a lot of excitement, tension and controversies in just one month we look forward to the return of champions league which is expected to return on 7th of august.