Feeling intresting in uninterested

I don’t know what made me to listen to my online class today. Intrest is not what you feel, it’s what you think. Intrest in something that I thought to be intresting only makes me feel intrested in something that I already feel intrested. Intresting is not always interesting but we have to make it interesting.

The moment we think it to be intresting it becomes interesting. It is us who make it interesting. The feel we have on our thought should change. I became determined to listen the class, the rest became intersting. I fixed my mind not to listen to those classes because I felt it was tough and that is why it’s uninteresting. Easy things are always interesting because those are easy. Difficulty is never intresting. We can’t accept the fact that we can’t and try to frame it intentionally uninterested. The moment we accept the fact is the moment the word intrest comes into play. Uninterested is never difficult, it is us who feel it so. Difficulty lies only in writing it’s spelling. If we feel difficult, absolutely it becomes difficult. Infact it is not difficult, our feeling towards it make it appear difficult. The way we feel should change if we have to make uninterested as intresting.

I felt the subject to be difficult without knowing it’s difficulty. It became uninterested for me because it’s not intresting for my friend. It is difficult for me because it’s not easy for my mate. It is him who is manipulating your mind. You can’t feel the way he feel. May be he is also feeling the way his friend does. Your feeling is the feeling of others feeling. You should feel the way you feel. Try to think and push yourself towards feeling the other way. Supress your feeling because it’s not your feeling. Try to feel the way you want it to be felt. If you want to feel like studying even though you don’t feel like doing so, then try to feel like studying. Try to control your thoughts. Try to do exactly the opposite way what your mind tries you to do. Then you can slowly learn to control your thoughts. Having control over thoughts makes you feel the way you want your brain to feel. You can’t think the way you want but you can change the way you think.

Try to remove the watermark from your brain. It’s difficult because you feel it that way. It’s easy because you feel it that way. Feeling matters. Try to push yourself to listen to it. I pushed myself too far for 3 days, but it didn’t work. I never thought of doing it the next day because I forgot it. But something made me listen to the class. Slowly I developed intrest because it seemed to be intresting. Nothing is interesting because it is us who makes it so. Give a try and become what you thought to become. Don’t stop since it’s you who is stopping it. Our thoughts stop the process because action never does. Actions will always listen to thoughts. So change your thoughts and build your actions.

Push yourself into what you feel can’t be done. Some time or the other time you should stop believing yourself. Don’t believe yourself because what we believed is just a belief. Trust yourself and push yourself and do the impossible. Doing the things that can’t be done will be done in the process of doing. So never stop doing. For that stop believing the fact because the word fact is developed after the process of doing the things.

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