“Social Media And Us”

Social media has become an eternal part of our life and has made humans addicted to them. People follow these for the source of information, entertainment, sharing their reviews and views and spend most of their time on these. This has made everything more transparent than it used to be, thus has given the power to the common man. It not only helps to provide justice to a person, but also spread awareness about wrong being done to someone. It had brought people to stand for their rights and demand what they truly deserve. 

Social media has been able to bring vast change in the life of common people, as they can:

  1.  Make friends all over the world ,they can get instant information about the person or star they are a fan of and can follow him/ her more closely
  2. Moreover, people can share their moments with others and thus can make them a part of it virtually. 
  3. People have found better sources of entertainment and fun, sending memes to their closed one and thus spreading happiness.
  4.  People can spread their business and campaign about totally free as a part of social media and digital marketing. They can post out their content which can prove to be fascinating  and people might join them in their work.
  5.  Awareness about global issues can easily be spread and people around the World can be a part of this noble cause. 
  6. Moreover, people can display their hidden talent which they usually are not able to do due to lack of opportunity. It thus can be called a stage for numerous activities, bringing joy to life of people and providing them a better opportunity to showcase their true identity. 

But this social media has brought people close around the world but have made distance in our close relationship. People hardly talk to their close ones like their parents, friends and society members, and search for new friends online. People spread rumours about other, which could be harmful for the image of the person in the society. It also has affected the lives of people as nothing has been left private. Social media has thus created barriers and have enabled us to live in a virtual world. Students and children hardly play games and rather believe in chatting with other people, playing games on their  mobile phones and scrolling by these social media handles all day long. This has a harsh effect on their eyesight and also their behavior attributes. 

People should understand the importance and true function of these social media and internet. It should be utilised for the betterment of humanity . Social media is a good source of entertainment and knowledge sometimes, but one must not forget the right way to live life. Searching for new friends on social media and not even having vocal contact with your close one makes relationships to handle hard. One should spend time on these accounts but also live life and enjoy other things which brings out an all round personality of a person.

 “Thus social media is a good source for business, entertainment, knowledge but what really matters is to understand the difference between the virtuality and reality, difference between right and wrong facts , difference between truth and fiction and the difference between living and enjoying life.”