An Unexpected Guest

Don’t you find it a bit ironic that India is a country where women have no reproductive rights yet our nation is known worldwide for the Taj Mahal, a monument breathing the story of a queen who lost her life at the altar of her childbirth?

Today, the number of teenage girls popping the easily procured abortion pills, away from the knowing and reproachful eyes of their parents, is alarming. Buried under their winter jackets, they don’t even realize that a baby is growing.

guestTeenage pregnancy usually tends to occur within marriages, more often than not, set up by the parents of adolescents. On the other hand, some cases are the result of teenagers engaging in unprotected sex simply because they were not aware of the consequences or how to deal with them.

Either way, their ignorance leads them to get an abortion in a later stage which is not the ideal scenario, either for the baby or for the mother. In many cases, the complications are such that only one of them could be saved, putting the families in a position of dilemma and jeopardizing the futures of many. Here are a few measures to make people understand the consequences of teen pregnancy.

  1. Have ‘The Talk’

It is no secret that many parents in Indian society believe that talking about sex is a hushed or taboo topic. This ends up in many teenagers getting their share of knowledge from the internet, a place where most of the facts about this are misguiding and misleading, ending up in them having unprotected sex. If you are a parent, sit down with your children and let them know about this natural process, about their bodies. Since it is coming from a trusted source, they will be encouraged to ask their doubts and share their insecurities. This will help them in making an informed choice about their future.

  1. Know your Child

A parent’s duties involve fending for their children and to provide for them until they come of a certain age. This also includes protecting them from the evils of the world. Know who are your children’s closest friends and other people in their social circle. Try to keep a healthy atmosphere in your home and have open communication with your children so that they never have to lie about their whereabouts. Parenting is a two-way relationship; understand your children’s needs and try to help them cope up with their difficulties.

  1. guest2Sex Ed Classes

School is the place where you go to learn. If they can teach you your History and Math, then why not your Biology too? There should be a special Sex Education class for adolescents where they are taught about their bodies and the role they play in reproduction in detail. Students should be taught about the consequences of having sex including the diseases and made aware of all the birth control methods available to them. Counselors should be made available to the students, aiding and guiding them in times of crisis.

After all, awareness is the key to prevention.

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