Indian government bigger step against china

Indian government on 29 june Monday, banned 59 chinese apps in india along with tiktok which is one of the most widely used app in india with billions of active users. Tiktok app has been removed from Google Play store too and those who already have tiktok app installed in their mobile phones can still use the app and can see this app in Play store, while it is not available for those who don’t have this app already in their phones.

This step of Indian government is due to disputes between india and China. Government claimed that these apps are not secured as they may share users private information to foreign countries.
From a very long time, revolution to boycott Chinese apps has been going on in india, in which people were hating tiktok app the most. Videos of people uninstalling tiktok from their phone was viral all over the social media and youtube a month ago. People were boycotting this chinese app. Even people who didn’t used it, gave it rating which led to decrease in it’s rating to around 2 star.

However, it was very common before this revolution, people used to insult the tiktokers for wasting their time over this app which we used to see on social media comment section and even on reality shows on T.V.

Now, this is recognised as a very big step by indian government towards boycotting the Chinese things.

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