How to Deal With Failure? : A Take on Life

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Life is an unchangeable ride that you have to take on without a chance of thinking twice and expectation of revision. All we want to be a gainer, want to conquer everything without thinking what if we lose? We all believe in a two-dimensional life. One is called a winner and another is called a loser. But we forget to remark the coastline which posses the tag of a fighter. A true traveler has to keep its eye at the sky as well as in the ground. Everyone should have a plan to deal with failure. Let’s discuss how can we deal with failure.

Accept and express your emotions

Sometimes it’s worth accepting your emotions to cope with your pain. Most of the time we pretend to feel good and suppress our emotions. Anxiety, embarrassment, shame, disappointment, discomfort all come following the failure. Journal of Behavioural Decision, a study in 2017, says it is worth having the bad feeling after failure because it gives the strength to pull up ourselves and work hard for success.

Make a plan about the next and look forward 

Failing is a part of success. You can’t stop yourself working and moving forward if you fail. Learn from the previous mistake and create a plan to move forward. Believe in yourself. Be hopeful and insightful to have a strategical growth.

Refrain from unhealthy ways of dealing with failure 

When we are sad or depressed about something, we try to escape. In doing so, people take refuge from some addictions like drugs, alcohol. Some even take suicidal run as the option to flee. So, try to avoid unhealthy ways to heal your pain of failure. Because it will give you temporary relief and will ruin your life permanently.

Face the fear

Most of the time thought of fear chases us and we try not to accept or face the fear. The fear might come from family pressure, social pressure, and many. People are worried about what others will say if we don’t succeed. In all these, we forget about ourselves and let the fear chasing us until we fall to the ditch of dark. Everyone has to come out from their comfort zone and explore the world of possibilities without fear.

Get inspiration 

There are many success stories which were started with failure. The stories from Thomas Edison to Walt Disney will encourage you. Businessmen are running with loss, actors are being rejected, sportsmen are failing to score, but there lies a second chance for all. Failure can’t stop one to win rather it encourages to win. If one fails it means the person has stepped one level forward towards success.

Stop blaming yourself and have realistic thoughts 

Continuous blaming yourself can cause depression. Rather it’s better to deal with it. Sometimes communicating with friends can work as stress bursts. If one keeps thinking about a mistake over and over again, it causes mental and physical health disorders. Yourself always can’t be the sole factor behind the failure. Overthinking, preoccupied thoughts give way to imaginary consequences and end up with health issues. So, it’s better to have realistic thoughts like why the failure occurred, what might be the mistake, how mistakes should be corrected, and how to sort oneself and work for betterment.

Not all stories have a happy ending but not all stories ending happily are good stories. Losing and succeeding are part of the life story. What worth rewarding are the struggle and hard work one is doing. We all have to learn to stand up by ourselves each time we fall down. Moreover, we can also be the hand to pull another up from failure when the person can’t make it own. Helping others is also a piece of success.