“Humans and Their Fight With Scarce Resources”

Humans have been surviving on this planet for ages and have worked hard to make their life more comfortable and ease that it looks today. Humans have travelled in search of better resources be it water, good shelter. This hasn’t changed even in today’s world. People do travel for better job opportunities, better comfort for life and better living standard. Every year huge numbers of people migrate from one country to another in search of making their life much better. But we have been seeing a drastic change since the last few years as the population has seen a drastic jump with increased birth rate and much decreasing mortality rate. This has not only made resources scarce but a reason for our coming generations to wery. 

We humans have been using natural resources and fossil fuels for quite a time which has not only led to much of its depletion but also to cause various natural phenomena like Global Warming and Climate Change to occur.

  1.  Warming up of earth not only increases the temperature of earth every year but also is leading to melt the glaciers in the polar area. 
  2. Waste resources and emissions from industries have made the water to pollute, air to contaminate and food less rich in protein and vitamins.
  3. The land has been decreasing to make more homes, hospitals, college,and various other essentials for humans. This is leading to cutting of trees, to increase the land space. 
  4. The changing climate has led to various aspects of nature including rain. In some areas the rain amount has decreased, while in some areas it has increased and led to flood in those areas. 
  5. Also building in concrete roads doesn’t allow most of these rain water to enter the ground. This is the main reason that groundwater is getting down day by day, thus lacking clean water resources for humans. 
  6. Plastics and its components are manufactured and thrown away in huge amounts every year. This is leading to add up piles of waste and also pollution for our oceans and river water. 
  7. The increase in waste products has also led to increased problems for humans as we lack places for these to dump. We cannot just burn them as these do contain components especially plastic which produces harmful gases when burnt can be harmful and cause cancer if inhaled.
  8. Also due to lack of rain and groundwater for proper growth of crops, many farming techniques have changed and artificial methods are being used to produce most of the vegetables and fruit. This has a direct effect on human health and this can prove to be dangerous. 

It’s high time to understand the need to save our natural resources. The shift to cleaner fuel, cleaner production techniques would really bring out a drastic change in saving our earth. We need to understand the importance of these natural phenomena like global warming and climate change and their effect on humans . We need to come together so as to save us, our coming generation and thus our mother earth. We need to bring out technological as well as other advancement so as to make sure we make our earth abundant in resources again and make this place as it was with collective hardworking, dedication and understanding so as to save our earth and thus humanity.