Is Introversion bad?

There have been several debates for ages since the beginning about whether introversion is good or bad. Many people have come up with their views about it which simply state that introversion is a nothing more than a curse for people and introverts have to suffer from it throughout their whole life. Many people also talk about how introversion refrains people from opening up and mixing with other people whoch basically restricts their potential to learn more from people around them.

Although it is true that there are some drawbacks to the characteristics of the introverts, it does not necessarily mean it is a bad thing to be an introvert. Firstly, introverts tend to spend a lot more time with themselves than those who are extroverted and it leads them to have ample opportunities to be creative. Time is the most important thing when it comes to producing art forms and due to our hectic schedules of life many of us fail to have some “me” time on a daily badis. However, introverts never fail to break through the norms and find enormous amount of free time for themselves which leads them to be as creative as possible. Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Emma Watson, J.K Rowling among a million others seem to be introverts who managed to break the conventional preconceived false notions that are generally associated with introversion.

Introverts tend to be very selective when it comes to choosing people who would be their close friends due to which they seldom choose wrong people and are less likely to have trust issues. Nowadays, it has become a huge problem for people to find genuine friends and genuine people in general but introverts seldom pick the wrong people since they are more intuitive and they do not easily open up. It is therefore a positive side of being an introvert.
Many people struggle when they are expected to work alone. Introverts never fail at producing the best when they work alone. They do not need to discuss their project with others for suggestions or approval which makes them self sufficient and also they are the ones who end up producing the best content as ever.

Introverts can be really good friends. They never show fake feelings or emotions just to fit into the world or cope up with others. They do whatever they feel like and are very straightforward which is a very genuine yet a rare quality nowadays. They fail at showing fake sympathy and they never show off which is why they end up being the best of friends one can ever have. On top of that since they do not socialize that much, any secret would always be safe with them no matter what. They are also the most helpful and generous individuals to come across. They know the struggle of not getting anything done on your own due to which they will do whatever it takes to help you out whenever you get into trouble. They prefer quality over quantity and end up having very less friends in their life but they never create any tantrums that would create trust issues for the others for they are genuine and true by their heart.

-Suvasree Bandyopadhyay

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