“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle” —Napoleon Hill

We all have been in a situation where we feel disappointed, whether by job rejection, loss in business, fail in exams or might have been facing a lot of problems in the relationship. All have experience downfalls at least once in their life. We feel devastated and stop putting our effort due to fear of failure. It happens with all of us might be at a different stage of life. I know it’s not easy to say it’s okay, everything will be alright to yourself. No one knows the effort you have put it in your work, rather than you yourself. Always remember, there is no point crying over the failure rather than always embrace the mistakes and learn from them. You can’t change your past just focus on the present and glorify it. Maybe according to you, you have put your hundred percent but that particular thing I.e. Business, relation or might be anything else may require your more effort. It’s not that businessman become a millionaire overnight or the perfect couple doesn’ t have any sort of arguments ever in their life they all have gone through downfalls but what they never lose is faith in themselves, they don’t stop putting their effort. They never give up. So what really never give up means for everyone? It’s a continuous struggle and acceptance to failures embracing the mistake and learning from them and making yourself better day by day. Always be determined to your goal. It’s hard to reach you will find numerous obstacle but don’t stop your struggle. Every successful person has tackled numerous obstacles and continued their struggle. One of the instance is Colonel Sanders. You all might have known the story of KFC’s Colonel Sanders. The person faced rejection several times but never lose hopes. His father died when he was just six years old, and leaving him to take care of his siblings. At seventh he dropped out of school work as a farmhand. At the age of 16, he faked his age to get selected in the united state army and later on hired by the railway as a labourer and got fired. It’s not all he was fired many times. At the age of 40, he starts selling chicken dish in the service station, later he decided to franchise his restaurant. His dish was rejected not one not two but 1009 times but he never give up and continued his struggle and finally, his secret recipe names as “Kentucky Fried Chicken”, got super hit. After so many fail but he doesn’t stop putting continuous efforts and he finally made it. His KFC broadened internationally, was sold at 2 million dollars whose net worth is around $15.3 today. The never give up attitude made him achieve that even today he remains eternal on the centre of KFC branding. That’s the power of never give up attitude. He’s not the only one many businessmen have work overnight to fulfil their ambition whether Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and many more. Whenever you feel low just let the title reach out to you and trust yourself and your preparation one day you will be at the height of success with a strengthen soul.

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