The “F” word

A few weeks back, a girl named Divyangna Trivedi stirred a lot of controversies online after her video on ‘I am against today’s Feminism’ went viral. In the video, she argued against something she called “today’s feminism” – male-bashing, women supremacy, and gender bias.

Instead of being bashed very badly, the most surprising thing was that there were people who were actually supporting her. Even if we ignore her and say that she is just too childish and naïve to be given so much attention but that doesn’t hides the fact that feminism is now the word that is used as an insult now. Everytime a woman rises up for her rights, she is titled as “feminist types”.

This just implies that the structure of society is just so toxic towards women that whenever someone
tries to challenge it, the male dominated, patriarchal, heterosexual world comes up with a plan to take it down.

Women being denied promotion if they are mothers, pregnant or are even married just because they won’t be able to balance the house and work life, says a lot about the gender differences in corporate sector. Despite of the fact that these women claim to be self dependent and empowered, they suffer through these things on a daily basis. We are okay with men walking in a vest and shorts but we totally judge a girl when she comes out wearing a decent crop top! This mentality needs to change and to do that, everyone should claim themselves as feminists because the movement is what will get women out
of the unsafe, unprotected environment.

I once heard a man say, “women are diamonds and they need to be secured” but he didn’t realized that this mentality is the most problematic. Women are not objects to be kept in a lockers, instead, they are just human beings. Nobody should be given a special status or position just because of the physical
structures they are born with and the women don’t need to be protected but to be left free.

Feminism is a simple movement that challenges the values inherent in patriarchy. Patriarchy
commodifies women and encourages men to be violent, dominating and uncompromising thereby dehumanizing them.

Feminists are not seeking absolute equality because that is practically impossible in a gendered society.
What they are seeking is a right to be treated as par with other human beings. Social prejudices have led to oppressive and exploitative practices against women. The psyche of people needs to change. Society
needs to stop treating its women as lesser humans or an inferior species. Feminists nowhere proclaimdown with men. They just want an equitable treatment, equality of opportunity.

Moreover, feminism
not only stands for the equality between men and women but also between LGBTQIA community and black women. The people, who have suffered the most alongside women because of the patriarchy infused in our minds. Our “F” word supports all the people out there who have been oppressed then and now.

One can’t escape from the fact that men too go through sexual assaults but that doesn’t mean that feminism ignores it all. It stands with the men where they are being harassed too. If a woman falsely accuse a man of rape, she is too a culprit of the same level as a man would have been, if he rapes a woman.

Thus, the misconceptions about feminism is what created a mass population who think
feminism is all about misandry.

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