How television is affecting kids…

Now a days television become an important part of every child’s life. Children spend a lot of time sitting in front of TV. They see a number of programmes on the television and enjoy and learn a lot of things from it and sometimes this learning become a cause of concern, which depends on the types of shows being watched.

Television builds personality and character of the child and even has the power to changes attitude and perspective towards life but it has some ill-effects too. So we should know both positive and negative effects so that we can ensure that your child enjoy TV without exposed to its ill-effects.


  • There are some shows like Dora the Explorer which stimulate their imagination through interactive quizzes and thinking patterns. These kind of shows keeps them engaged, teached them new skills, and let them have fun too.
  • Some shows teach kids problem-solving and provide them with strong foundation of mental maths and analytical thinking.
  • Watching sports encourage them to go for outdoor activities which help them to be active and healthy. This leads to their emotional and physical well being.
  • Informative and education shows also improve their performance in school.
  • TV shows also acts as a stress buster wguch can do wonders for the children’s mood and emotional problem and protect him/her from emotional stress which can impact them negatively.
  • Through TV shows children also learn a lot of vocabulary and social skills.
  • TV keeps them engaged without harming their cognitive development.
  • TV shows encourage independent thinking skills and teach children to think out of the box. These skills help them to think in different perspectives.


  • If children is spending lot of time in watching television and he/she may miss other opportunity and lose time for other precious tasks like playing with friends, doing homework etc.
  • If child is spend lot of time in watching TV instead of going out and exploring real world then he/she will not be able to develop strong imagination. As ideas are present in TV, so children who watch a lot of TV cannot stimulate their minds and not able to come up with their own fresh ideas.
  • Children who spend more than 2-3 hours infront of the screen on daily basis often suffer from lack of focus in classroom environment. There are greater chances of this children to get diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder)
  • Too much watching TV also leads to developing obesity and other health disorder.
  • It also leads to eye problems. Children experience blurring and reduced vision which cannot be corrected through glasses.
  • Agressive programmes or even one scene of agressive can alter the brain structure and promote negative behaviour like agressiveness and violence.
  • Spending a lot of time may result in lack of participation in other activity which adversely affect their academic performance.

So, it is necessary to limit the number of hours children spend on watching TV. Also ensure that your child is watching quality programme. Also keep the TV set away from the bedroom. Try to develop a healthy relationship between TV time and complete tasks.

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