Know about survey in 2020

Who doesn’t like to eat some McDonald’s now and then? Would you like it if you got to know that now, you can get your favorite burger for free and also discounts on your order? Want to find out how? Let’s find out then, shall we? 

What is the survey?

McDonald’s is world-known for burgers and fries, but it is also famous for the relationship it maintains with the customers worldwide. They are always on the move to develop for the better. They came up with the survey in 2020, which focuses on the customer’s needs and whether they are satisfied with the quality and the rules and regulations that McDonald’s follows. Even, McDonald’s has set up a separate portal that gives out the details of the survey. In the survey, each customer is given a voucher coupon, and the best part of this coupon is that they can redeem it once they buy McDonald’s the next time. The survey is only to ensure customer satisfaction, and that’s how McDonald’s always makes the bond between them and the customer stronger. Now, they’re focusing on how to reward their customer with the survey. The survey brings out the best between the company and the customer. This is a beautiful way to be acquainted with the customer’s feedback and if they are liking the food or the service that they are being provided with from the McDonald’s stores. This survey shows how McDonald’s values its customers and how they look forward to evolving their relationship with them. McDonald’s surely made their customers feel friendlier, don’t they?

Want to get some rewards?

Who doesn’t like to get rewards? McDonald’s has just the right survey to make that happen. You can get rewards from McDonald’s only by giving your valuable feedback to them on their survey official site. You have to go to their official website and write down how was your last experience at the restaurant, and you get a reward from McDonald’s just for that. Isn’t this amazing?

McDonald’s is going big with the customer survey where they are providing the customers with discounts on their next purchase and guess what, “free burgers,” too!

Step-by-Step Way to take the Survey

  • First and foremost, you need to go to the survey official site.
  • Once you enter the survey official site, you can choose a language according to your convenience.
  • After you are done selecting the language, you have to enter the survey code, which you can find on the receipt of your McDonald’s bill.
  • If you are done entering the survey code, you will be shown to a page where you find the survey questions.
  • Answer the questions given. You have to answer the questions as honestly as you have. The survey questions are mostly about the food quality, the behavior of the staff and also, the service. The more clarity you have with your answers, the more McDonald’s would get to know about the stores’ real condition.
  • Once you are done with the questions, submit the feedback.
  • After presenting the feedback successfully, you will be provided with a survey receipt code.
  • You need to write down the survey receipt code to redeem it once you’re at McDonald’s next.

Are there any Rules attached to the Survey?

Yes, there are some rules which one has to follow to get the rewards from McDonald’s. 

  • The customer cannot give much feedback. You can only take five surveys in one month. 
  • The customer has to be 15 years old, and that’s a must. You cannot be less than that to take the customer survey
  • The survey receipt code you received at the end of the feedback submission, has a validity of 30 days. You have to redeem it before the end of the following 30 days.
  • The survey is only for those customers who are from the USA or Canada. 
  • To register for the review, you have to use the survey code, which is on the receipt of the previous week. 
  • You cannot be a part of this survey if you’re a past employee of McDonald’s. 
  • Last but not least, the survey can cancel the coupon and are not liable to give you any explanation behind it.

Why is the survey profitable?

The survey is made, keeping in mind about the customers and how to keep them happy with the service McDonald’s provides. With the survey, the company would be able to understand the graph of satisfaction they are proving to their customers. Hence, it’s going to be profitable for their development. On the other hand, you get to have the coupons after you submit the feedback form. Once you get the coupons and are eligible to redeem it, you get discounts and free burgers. That’s how you become profitable too. Hence, it’s a win-win situation for both.

You can brighten up your 2020 by taking the survey now. You don’t have to do much, take out the last bill you paid to McDonald’s and go through the smooth process to get that free burger. It doesn’t seem so hard now. We can only hope that McDonald’s spreads the survey outside the USA and Canada. Everyone would like to be a part of this survey, and once the study covers worldwide, McDonald’s would get a far diverse knowledge about if their customers are satisfied throughout the world or not. We all are looking forward to taking the survey and to get some free burgers.

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