Money is everything for a materialistic person. The wise is more than material. We have been given one life. God has sent us here to enjoy this beautiful world and to make it more appealing. We must acknowledge that only money can allow us to see all the attractive offerings of the world. I am quite sure I have met more poor and sad people than rich and unhappy people. I know it is a hard pill to swallow. Comfort, care and security come with money.

If one thinks of only money then one day it might consume that person. Then where will be the comfort and the security? When do we know that enough is enough? Unfettered spending is comforting at the moment but feels heart-wrenching when we look at a cluttered house of items we never use. The popular media highlights those who are opulent; they can spend as much as they want to. Between this, one does not want to feel left out. Hence one starts paying frivolously. There’s always something bigger or better out there for us to buy, something we need to acquire; something that will fill the void. We spend our time earning and accumulating money while time is infinite for the universe, but our time is not endless. We buy an expensive product manufactured by underpaid workers. Where is the value of life? When we spend, do we know where does our money go? Is it going to the right hands with meaningful work? They say that ‘time is money’. I say ‘money is time’. Yes, survival without money is difficult.

People are capable of doing anything they dream of with a proper understanding of things. Giving up well-being paying, lucrative careers, i.e. financial security, may not be as easy as it sounds. One of life’s eternal conundrums is: what is more important- work satisfaction or money? The toil of being obligated to do something when you would rather be doing something you like can be killing because people pursue a career at the cost of doing something; they are deeply passionate about. They feel a sense of unhappiness, scepticism and misery. Fear of taking the risk of doing something new, sets in. They tend to blame others for not being able to follow their dreams, causing emotional distress and strain in relationships. Striking a balance between job satisfaction and financial security is the main challenge. The salary you get comes in the new month while happiness comes every minute. Higher pay means more stress at work. Values, priorities, family obligations and spending habits help a person in achieving the right balance. It is not so much that money buys you happiness, but that lack of money buys you misery. When you are wealthy, you can buy more pleasures, but more affluent people are less able to savour the small things in life. To desire for mony is not disastrous. However, if one is running only for money and still not earning any; this can be disastrous.

Many people enjoy making big bucks, and this gives them satisfaction. They are materialistic people, and we must stay away from them, else they will put a price tag on our relationship with them. Higher-income motivates in life. Providing family with the desired lifestyle is a costly affair owing to increase is aspirational class. Let us face it; work satisfaction is not equal to life satisfaction.

Money buys lot of things but it cannot buy satisfaction or happiness in life. It can buy a bed but not sleep. It can buy a clock but not time. It can buy medicine but not health. It can buy blood but not life. It can buy insurance but not safety. Health is the real wealth. Relationships are wealth. Money is only a mean and not the end.