5 Best ways to Lose Weight

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Losing weight is one of the challenges nowadays. Everyone does try to lose fat not only to look good but also to stay fit and healthy. We try various ways to lose weight some works, some not. Moreover, the wrong diet and exercise can harm the body system, hormonal cycle, and more. So, let’s know about the best ways to lose weight in short.

Here are 5 best suggestions to lose weight

Drink water

We know drinking water can help to glow skin as it removes all the impurities from the body. But it is also true that drinking 1-2 liter water can enhance the number of calorie burns, this is called resting expenditure. Moreover, if we drink cold water the rest calories become active to warm the water to match the temperature with our body. Drinking water before meals is also helpful, as it makes the stomach full and people eat less.

Eat dinner in time

We usually take dinner before or after 10 pm. But the ideal time to take dinner is 7 pm. Scientifically if we explain this we can end up with the best solution. Usually, a long gap between the meals is necessary to burn fat. If we eat at 7 pm. So there will be a gap of 13-14 hours between the second meal. In this meantime to keep our bodily organs work our body will insist fuel by burning fat and curbs depending on the situation. Eventually, we will lose weight.


The workout is the most essential thing in weight loss. It not only helps to help to burn fat but also builds the muscle and makes it strong. It is good to exercises 3/4 times a week. Various types of exercise help to maintain cardiac health. Some exercises help to lose extra calories which are cardio, aerobic exercise, and so on. It depends on the person who kind of exercise they choose according to their capability. They might choose walking, running, cycling over other exercise hacks.

Cut the sugar intake

Check the sugar intake to lose weight. Though sugar alone hasn’t that many calories the food which consists of sugar is an adversary to body health. As per the American Heart Association, women should take 24 grams of sugar and men 36 grams of sugar per day. A soft drink contains half of the sugar level we need in a day. Until you are consuming these daily, it is not harmful. According to the health experts, one does not need to cut sugar completely to lose weight but should keep a track of regular sugar intake.

Start having green tea

Green tea is one of the healthiest drinks we have. It has lots of substances along with antioxidants which helps our health to sound. Green tea increases the metabolic rate which helps to burn calories. Not only that it also contains caffeine which helps to higher the fat burn and increases the energy level. It is suggested to have green tea 2 to 3 times a day.
Here just a few ways have been discussed. But the dedication, passion, and hard work are most important to succeed. The hacks lie within us, we just need to explore and treat it in a perfect way for a perfect life

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