Why worry about the future and regret over the past? Live in this moment|This moment is your life

No one could predict what is going to happen next but our human tendency is to worry about the future and regret over our past. Neither we can change our past nor we can predict the future. The present moment is your life. Okay, I want to ask a question. Many of you surely had vacation plans? I surely think most of you say yes but unfortunately, the world suddenly lockdown and your plans spoiled.

The purpose of this article is just to make you realize that daydreaming about the future and regretting over the past will hold you back and sadly you will not able to enjoy the present moment.

We always seem to have a moment in a day where we think about our past. The mistake we made. What we thought and what actually happened and this sadly makes us emotionally unstable and negative thoughts start striking our minds. Uncertainly we move further and start daydreaming about the future. What will happen? if it doesn’t have a good outcome and the list of question is very long. Humans rarely live peacefully in the present moment. That exactly the problem.

Even the problem is bigger than you think. All habits are not good, it’s not right to make yourself the victim of time. It breaks you emotionally and filled you with negative thoughts when you think about the struggle in the past and thoughts of future outcomes.

I know over and over this has become our habit to think about the struggle of our past and thinking about the future. But not every habit is good. Even most of you know about the importance of living in the moment but still, we deprived by time. If you don’t know the next passage cover the importance of living in the moment.

Living in the moment has uncountable benefits. When we start living in the moment stress and anxiety start diminishing from one’s life and one could possibly avoid health problems and that’s not all your relation starts to build stronger as you aren’t only physically available but also mentally present and thus begin to enjoy your time with friends and family.

Okay, there are uncountable benefits when you start living in the moment you will uncover it yourself.

Okay, let me explain with the example that what is going wrong. Students were assigned a project but rather to enjoy the process of learning new insights they start worrying about the deadline. There’s the problem arises.

When you commence thinking about it you will find how you were holding back yourself. Rather enjoying weekends with your friends and family you were worrying about what going to happen on monday in colleges or offices.

Through the article, I think I make you realise the importance of living in the moment. That how much it is important to peacefully enjoy every second of your life. No, one can guarantee of future. So start living in the moment. This moment is your life.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comment below and have a wonderful day.