Trying to be happy

The only thing that we can do to ourself is making us happy. Winning can make you get a job but Being happy can cost you a life. When the life you live is temporary, how can the problems be permanent.

The life you live must be the life you love. Earning till the end of life for the future where you no longer belong to make your next generation comfortable is so disgusting. Be o till you live. Earn for your life because you are not here to earn for them. Make them learn to earn. Living your life for the fullest is the great gift that you can give to yourself. Love to live the life you love. Try to be happy because that makes you happy.

Earn to live, don’t live to earn. What’s for that earning if you can’t spend. May be money matters but money isn’t the only thing that matters. It’s you, for whom you should answer. Self content is the only thing that makes you happy. Living isn’t that costly, but trying to live like others is cost you much. Become better version of yourself rather than becoming him/her. The sole person who cares about is you. Live to impress yourself. Don’t doubt yourself, believe you. Everyone are same but the work you do towards it fills that gap. Focus is the only thing that every one should develop. Focus on the unfocused to get focused.

Believing in your self confidence can make others believe you. If you can’t beleive you, how can you make others believe you. If you can’t, you will definitely can. Don’t try to escape, because life is giving opportunity to make you learn something. There are many something’s out there which are trying to complete you. Make yourself from it. Fail to learn. Learn to learn.

Love to learn and learn to love. Being you is the only thing that has to make you live. You are with whom you will be for the rest of the life. Remaining are temporary, you are permanent. Try to impress you and become the better version of you.