You Deserve a Love Just Like This

You! Yes, you! Right there in the corner of the room, probably feeling like a wallflower. Your eyes are low, trying hard not to catch anybody’s attention. And you, the life of the party, a true social butterfly! You too! Liked by almost everyone you’ve ever met in your life. Do you know what is common between you both? You both deserve to be loved, equally as hard and passionately. You both deserve the love you always keep trying to give to everyone else you meet. And for this to happen, you both need to open up your hearts and let that love settle in.

loveMore than anything in our lives, we all long to be seen. We want someone to accept us with all our flaws; accept us as we are. And this thing that we yearn for so longingly is the same thing that we fear the most too. Why? Because it takes strength to show our real faces to anyone. It is exceptionally hard breathing under a mask but all of us do that in bleak hopes of finding acceptance in this warped society. You deserve someone who stays by your side even when you rip that mask off your face, the mask that was suffocating you and hindering your fresh breath of life anyway. You deserve someone who stays even when they know the real you: confused, broken, hurt, and fragile. You deserve someone who is not afraid of the way you love them with such fervor and someone who is not afraid to shower you back with the same kind of love.

It does not matter if you are cynical about love, have never been in love, or were in a toxic relationship this whole time. It does not matter because there are absolutely no prerequisites to love. It could be with an absolute stranger who caught your eye by chance on the street last week. It could be with your best friend in the whole wide world, whom you have known since forever. That is the beauty of love. It appears out of the blue and leaves an imprint on your life which stays with you long after your lover.

love2Every one of you deserves your beautiful fantasy to be a reality. All the clichés you watched in the movies to become a reality of your lives. All of you deserve someone who is looking at the bigger picture in their life, and more importantly, that picture has you in it.

And if a relationship leaves you feeling empty from inside, it is your job to find the courage to walk away from it. Remember always, you do not need someone’s half-hearted love. Sometimes, walking away is not a sign of weakness but of strength. You walk away not because you want others to realize your importance in their lives but because you realize your importance in your own life. You want and need your own heaven. It may be flawed but it will be enough for you. Anything less than that would be settling, and settling, my friend, is the worst kind of self-robbery.

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