Betraying myself

I know, I can, if I do, but I don’t know why I don’t give a try to do it. I am escaping from trying and proudly expressing it. How shameful must I be to admit such a fact. Why do I even give a push to myself when I am capable of doing it. If I am not capable, atleast I should give a try to be capable enough. I am capable of doing it but incapable of trying it. Knowing that makes me feel insecure about me. I know about it and behave as though I am I never knew.

Atleast I should be true to myself. Betraying me and trying to hide myself from me is the worst thing that I can do to myself. I know it and I still do nothing. Telling lies to others is not that offensive but trying to be someone to yourself is not good. I know that I can but I push myself either by knowing it or by can’t doing it. Either way I dont do it.

Doing for doing is not at all a doing. Enjoy the doing and make it done else undo it and do some other thing that makes you do and will make you go through doing and make it happen as a done. Do it by enjoying else quit it by undoing. The only thing that we remember is the process of doing. We will forget the result of doing. Enjoy the doing till it’s done. Do with joy and enjoy the feeling of joy.

I know I should do what I should but I must do only the things which make me happy. Happiness is not measurement, it is a sudden process. Happiness is a temporary process which can bring people, the permanent happiness. The way we feel for the things tells us the way we love the process. Live tour work, if you can’t love it then leave it. The work must make you feel the feel that lasts till the work got completely completed.

Behave truly to yourself. You should not feel regret about yourself. The only thing that matters to you is you. Atleast be true and behave accordingly. The last suggestion about your decision you make is made by you either it’s regarding your death. Your life or death is both in your hands. The decision you take is the decision you make.