Cadbury, which is the world’s second largest confectionery company, is also the only company that has a chocolate, candy and gum products, is a leading a large, growing, brand-led industry. It has a great market shares and has many honest consumers, but it has also a numerous of competitors such as Altria Group, Nestle, Hershey, Ferrero, Unilever, and so on. Nestle is the world’s largest food manufacturer, and Nestle is famous for producing instant coffee and chocolate bars. Currently has for the local market and culture-rich products, such as Chocolate and candy, bottled water, beverages and dried milk. Hershey is the largest chocolate and candy manufacturer in the North America. Ferrero Group is the world’s fourth largest chocolate manufacturer. Unilever Group is the world’s second-largest consumer products maker. Unilever operates the following two major product areas: food and household and personal care products.And all global candy and chocolate enterprise play a great role in the market battle in contend for markets.

After uniting with KFT, a new kind of product will be exploited, this is walnut candy. First, the main raw material of walnut is nut, which is a nut fruit.Walnut nutritious are rich in protein, fat, minerals and vitamins, fat containing linoleum acid and more nutritional value, as well as vitamins B and E, which could prevent cell aging, enhance memory and release aging. Walnuts also contain special vitamin ingredients, not only did not increase cholesterol.Walnuts also contain many trace elements needed by the body, which are important proprietary accessories. When you feel tired, chew more walnut, with ease fatigue and stress. So, if through a special process, nuts can be made the walnut sugar, that it not only can play the role of health care products, but also a broad market.

Target market is the fundamental starting point of regional marketing. Analysis and grasp the regional marketing system, subsystem from its target market began to take marketing or target marketing positioning of thinking. Determining the target market must be looking for both demand in the market and consistent with its resources and advantages of the target market segments.The key is to meet the needs of the customer better than competitors; integrated marketing is that the company will have to serve customers in all sectors interests, all sectors must be coordinated departure from the Customer Perspective.

Walnut candy is a fresh product for most people, because of wide variety of sources of raw materials, so it has a big price advantage. Meanwhile, Cadbury and Kraft as a joint, for the walnut candy sales offers a wide range of channels. Therefore, walnut candy as a new product is very competitive and has a broad space for development.

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