Workplace Wellness

The life of most of the working people basically revolves around their office and work. We go to huge buildings, sit at our desks all day, immerse ourselves in those laptops, and try to work relentlessly. Even when we reach home, all we can think about is the deadlines and targets that we have to achieve at work and what steps we are going to follow the next day to complete the tasks. Since most of us spend the majority of our time at work, it is given that the workplace environment plays an important role in both, our physical health as well as our mental health.

wellA healthy workplace is identified as the one where individuals feel valued and heard; a place that provides a positive workspace, and shows respect for all its members. As an employee, a manager, or even a CEO, you never should feel the toxicity oozing out of the place you have made your second home. Whereas a negative working environment is generally associated with depression and anxiety, harassment, and bullying among people in their prime years.

Risks to Mental Health at Workplace

  1. Workplace Stress – Workplace stress is caused due to rigid working hours. It could also be when the employees are unclear about the organizational goals they have to achieve and the tasks they have to accomplish or there is limited participation of employees in the decision – making and they have little or no control over their area of work.
  2. Lack of support – Colleagues often don’t support each other in decision making, there is poor communication between them. Even unproductive management practices and leadership qualities affect the employees in an organization.
  3. Inadequate health and safety policies – Managers and leaders often neglect the health and safety of their employees by overlooking the provision of necessary health policies.

Can we create a Mentally Healthy Workspace Environment?

In reality, creating a mentally healthy workspace environment is not as difficult as it seems. Good mental health is the key requirement for workplace wellness.

  1. Mental health should be promoted; there should be awareness and employees and employers should be able to talk freely about it.
  2. well2Employees should be provided with a clean, functional, and well-lit space and have a good working relationship with all staff. Employees should feel respected, appreciated, incentivized, and rewarded. Signs of intimidation, bullying, sexual harassment, and fear should be immediately checked out and necessary action taken.
  3. If a person has taken some measures to improve his mental health, others should support him. They could even take inspiration from him, and work on their own mental health.
  4. Counseling sessions could be organized for the employees letting them know where they could find help if required.
  5. There should be a provision of a comprehensive health insurance plan including smoking-cessation, weight-loss, and substance abuse programs.
  6. It takes two to make a healthy workplace. Employees should be in a position to be held accountable for their actions. They should come with a “can-do” attitude and be willing to support each other as well as management.

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