Heavy rains in Mumbai

Every year Mumbai experiences days where there is heavy rains which creates a pause in the life of people for sometime. like the local trains becomes late, or the railway tracks are submerged inside the water. Every year we hear the news of the Sion railway station filled with water and people are struck in many different places. The conditions never get better. Mumbai rain always brings out some difficulties with it, it clogs the drainage or sometimes even some bridges falls due this heavy rains. This year also the history was repeated. For three consecutive days it is been raining and the Indian meteoritical department has warned that the heavy rains will continue for next two days. There would be rain and thunder shower in places like Mumbai, Mumbai suburban, Palghar, Pune, Raigad and Thane. Also yellow alert has been declared in isolated places of these districts. Mumbai police has requested citizens to be away from the seashore and stay at home if possible.They have also urged the fisherman at Maharashtra to Goa coast to cancel their fishing venture for today.

The Brihan Mumbai Muncipal coorporation that is the BMC has said that a high tide of 4.67 metres is also expected at one thirty at the noon.  High tide is the highest elevation of water, that means if you stand there the moon will be directly over you, jokes apart don’t go and stand there to experience it, a very dangerous adventure to take. The IMD has also said there there would be strong winds of  fifty to sixty kilometre per metre.

As the after effects of this rain can be seen already, though because of this pandemic lockdown there is no effect to people’s life in the magnitude that would effect till last year.

Water logging has been reported in many places like  Chembur, Vadala,Dharavi, Andheri, Hindmata junction, Khar subway, Milan subway and Dahisar subway. These are the main places of residential areas in Mumbai and every year there is this problem arising but there is no solution to these. These areas are more prone because they are relatively low lying areas in Mumbai and they tend to get flooded easily every time.

The Powai lake has started overflowing in the morning, because of which there is flooding in the road. The Colaba weather station in Mumbai recorded one sixty nine milimetres of rain during the last twenty four hours. Shanties in Bandra near the Sea hit the high tides.

The places in the Interior of Maharashtra has also recieved a fair amount of rains. In Navi Mumbai and Thane there was very intense rain fall and there was a record of 200 mili metre rain today.  A Vacant and stand alone building in Thane west fell shortly after the rains started. There were some trees branches falling which lead to a traffic jam in many parts of Mumbai.

So that is the record of the Mumbai records yet , thankfully there is no case of injuries or casualties but the weather department has warned about heavy rains in next 2 days so take care of yourself.

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