Teenager sometimes means being away from family. Yet young people are suddenly being thrust back into the heart of their families, whether or not they want to be.The nation wide lockdown came into effect on 24th march 12:00 midnight and our country is still not been able to uplift it. During this unprecedented situation there were different sets of problems faced by different groups of our society, the age group 10-21 is commonly categorized as teenage group . This group having the most aspirations and full of energy were also locked inside their homes just like the others.


the outbreak of covid-19 happened at the time during which the educational institutes usually conduct exams or start a new session but as we are aware of the lockdown that happened it caused the shutdown of these institutions also with immediate effect. Students during that time were preparing for exams or the new session with full intentness but an indefinite break came in between which caused a great disturbance in the day to day life of students and their time table which gradually started causing restlessness and frustration among them as they lacked clarity of what is going on and what will happen to their remaining exams or the forthcoming session as a result of which they were very much disturbed at mental level as they did not have much work left to do. After the government or the concerned authorities issued guidelines the tension was released to some extent.No doubt they’ll be relying on digital tech more than ever before. This is fine – but teenagers should still emphasise the need to get enough sleep, to learn new things, to respond to anything their teachers suggest, to be physically active and to have face-to-face time with the family.


after a few days there was lucidity about that this problem will persist for a long period of time so the need of the hour was to take serious steps towards keeping the teenagers engaged with some activities so that they do not feel unattended . Institutions started with online classes , assignment and even some higher educational organizations arranged for WEBINARS, internships and online presentations.This problem was resolved quickly which was needed otherwise the teenage group already being the most vulnerable must have faced serious issues of mental health like stress, anxiety and other related issues . However this problems was faced by some teenagers despite of the steps taken but it was addressed within recoverable time.

a few precautions to reduce the stress, anxiety and other related issues, caused by this pandemic. 

WHO suggests, to reduce the amount of news we are in-taking about COVID-19 and to only take news from reliable sources. BBC suggests, to have breaks from social media and mute things which are/can be triggering. And to wash your hands but not excessively. For people with OCD and anxiety, being told to constantly wash your hands can be difficult to hear.

Being in touch with experts of mental health and talk to them about the problems they are facing as we will overcome this pandemic together by helping each other, talking with each other

also not to neglect the physical health which we can enhance during this time can be done by- Exercising:which is one of the ways to keep your body fit and it also helps in reducing stress, anger and frustration. Also, practicing deep breathing or meditation are also great ways to reduce stress and anxiety.As we are staying home and looking at the same four walls in our house everyday, it is quite easy for our minds to fluctuate and think about things which are of less importance, which can increase the tension. To avoid this situation of over-thinking, one can engage themselves into doing something productive.

During this time, being productive is a good idea but somewhere it can also put more pressure in one’s mind. Remember, being productive is a choice and not a necessity. We are not bound to do things which others tend to do as we are one a kind and do things which makes us happy .

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