Homophobia: A deleterious Disease of the Society

What is Homophobia?

Homobia roughly translates into an approach which leads to a tendency of looking down on homosexual people. It brings about a certain fear. Homophobic people tend to be scared of homosexual acts and behaviours. This homophobic approach leads to certain excessive extents and has emerged to become one of the mail problems of the modern society. It brings about a negative approach that treats homophobic people as less humane.


The root cause of this phobia can be considered to be an extreme superiority complex that homophobic people happen to have. This complex leads them to regard themselves as the superior beings and consider “others” as less superior or inferior to them. All the prejudices, certain ignorance and hatred are the main reasons to cause homophobic attitudes.
A preconceived ideal conception of being “normal” or “normalcy” is equally responsible to cause this phobia. They happen to nourish the concept that only heterosexual people are “normal” because they continue being traditional and conventional. Homosexual men and women however do not conform to this age old conception and go beyond to achieve and embrace a new lifestyle with a different mindset. This difference is seen as a sin by homophobic people and they simply cannot accept the fact that these people are different and they completely fail to comprehend that it is more than normal to be this way.


There have been hundreds and thousands of instances when homosexual people have been ill treated with no consequences whatsoever. Over 90% gay men and lesbians have reported to have been verbally and physically abused by their peers for being “different” in their traditional society.
Elders of our society also fail to understand and often ignore the fact that it is absolutely normal to have a different physical orientation which has led to violent incidents from time to time. In third world countries like India, it is still a taboo and a stigma is attached to it so badly that people fail to accept them as their equals in the society.
Apart from being socially and physically abused, homosexual people have to go through an immense amount of mental and psychological stress and abuse on a regular basis in our society. Their peers avoid them for they have a different definition of “normalcy”. It affects them in a huge way which reflects afterwards in their life in a vivid manner. They constantly have to fight against these stereotypical prejudices. A systematic oppression and stigmatization is attached to it so badly that it makes other qualities fade away in absolutely no-time.

What is the cure?

The only way is to talk about it more and more which will eventually help in spreading awareness in the society. There should be more discussions about it in every home and in every public sphere so that the tendency to look at homosexuality changes.
We have to be responsible enough to be able to handle homophobic people in a positive way. We have to try and make them understand the concept clearly and how it is absolutely normal to have a different orientation than them. We have to make them understand they are still as equal and as deserving as the rest of the society and there is absolutely no reason and no excuse whatsoever to cause abuse or stress in any form be it social, psychological, mental or physical. We have to take responsibility and make homophobic people understand that it is high time to realize that we have to be flexible and fluid enough to let others live the way they want to without having them to go through unnecessary judgements and criticisms.

-Suvasree Bandyopadhyay

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