How to maintain a zero waste lifestyle

As we all know, the world we are living in, is getting polluted day by day with the use of non-bio degradable substances. Tons of plastic and other wastes have been found each day from people. It’s devastating to know that the nature is dying gradually and we humans play an inevitable role in molding the nature to this level. It is an unavoidable fact that nature may have started its own kind of revenge in the form of flood and pandemic diseases like Covid 19. It is high time to know our corruptions and rectify it.

There are myriads of ways in which each individual can bring a change to this world. Anybody who has a heart to save the nature can pitch in something from his/her side in order to make a stable and healthy environment. Yes, baby steps do matter. The main contribution one can give is nothing but leading a zero waste lifestyle. It is a lifestyle adopted by people where they try to minimize the amount of waste by reusing and recycle.Here are the small things one can start from their home itself in order to lead a zero waste lifestyle.

  • Cloth bags: Try using cloth bags while going for shopping so that the usage of plastic bags can be reduced. Cloth bags are sometimes a little expensive but unlike plastic bags they last long. We can reuse it more often
  • Wooden tooth brush: A good percentage of people are using plastic toothbrush when we have another option which is more effective. Wooden toothbrushes are really good for our teeth and it also lasts very long. It is a fact that these brushes are expensive than the normal ones but it is really worth buying.
  • Steel bottles: This is another method to reduce the use of plastic items. Water stored in plastic bottles are not good for our health and may cause several diseases. Switching to steel bottles not only maintains a good health but also helps in leading a zero waste lifestyle.
  • DIY’s: Always try to make use of the waste materials at home into something useful items. There are lot of Do-it-yourself activities that helps us to make decorative and other useful items from plastic jars and bottles. This will enhance our creativity as well.

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  1. i loooove my steel water bottle! although it makes a bit of a clatter if i drop it lol

    these are great tips!! tysm for sharing

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