Book review

The Book “Pandemic: 1918” by “Catharine Arnold”. In this book she shows the eyewitness accounts from the greatest holocaust in modern history. Before Aids or Ebola, there was a ‘Spanish Flu’ which began to spread across the globe and Catharine Arnolds gripping narrative Pandemic 1918 marks the 100th anniversary of an epidemic that altered the world history. In 1918 a new and terrifying virus began to spread across the globe in three successive waves, from 1918 to 1919, and worldwide the pandemic gained the notorious title of “Spanish flu”. Historian Arnold shows a collection of essays and non- fictional stories that colorfully illustrate the everyday impact of the disease. She also put the powerful stories of doctors, nurses and ordinary people and focuses on personal experience to convey the message emotionally and told the horror impact of mysterious disease. Arnold displayed her knowledge with verve and savvy in this substantial and engaging work. She also gives firsthand accounts from those who witnessed and survived the Spanish Flus deadly grip while examining its impact and how amid the world war 1 Allies and Germans suffered massive casualties. It can be a good relatable book during the Covid-19 pandemic in this quarantine period and gives non fictional facts about 1918.

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