Kashmiri youth joining Rebel Ranks

It is heartbreaking how some of the Kashmiri youth are getting distracted into false and heinous crimes, where they are forced to be a part of terrorist groups and made to pick up guns and kill people. How sad it would be for a mother who loses her child, who joins a terrorist group and works against the country. Since Kashmir is facing many hardships beginning from Article 370 which includes communication blackout, internet services, people have to jail themselves at home and wait for the orders of reopening. This was one part of the story where Kashmir has become the highly militarised zone because of constant protest and fights, where Article 370 has separated the roots of Kashmir, where some of the young boys are forcefully made to join terrorist groups and fight for the evil things.

One such story is of Khurshad Ahmad a 23 year old young boy who went to a nearby valley with his herd and never came back. His family was worried for him and searched everywhere but couldn’t find a single clue of him. After few months the family was informed that Khurshad was shot dead in a gun fight in Sugg village. This news left his family, specially his mother helpless and heartbroken, where they couldn’t even fight for their child, where they couldn’t even ask the terrorists that why they did this to their son and why a 23 yr old lad was made to hold a gun instead of holding a book and working hard to take the responsibilities of his family.

There are many more stories which you and me don’t know because fortunately we are sitting safely at homes and taking care of ourselves, if we think about the people in Kashmir, we can’t even fathom the problems which they are suffering from, poverty, climatic changes, war, protest and now their children are joining rebel groups. This is not a choice for them, they are forced to do so, they are brain washed in a way that they just can’t ignore the facts to join the terrorist group and become one of them but what is left behind is their family, the mothers, who patiently wait for the child to return but little did she know that her child would never return, his mind and soul has been captured by the evils and they will never leave him until they eat him up.

My dear friends, we don’t know where our destiny will take us, but we should always think about others, pray for the people of Kashmir, pray that they get peace and they can also live normal lives like us.