Life is Beautiful

Once a man asked his life “what do you want? You want to be happy or sad, face the struggles of life or just sit at home and live a lavish life? His life answered, live with me the way you want, I am beautiful in every way, I will teach you a lesson in every highs and lows, I will never be stationary, I will always change, will always bring a new definition infront of you, it’s upto you whether you want to live it fulfilling your every dream or have regrets as you will take your last breath.

Once I was travelling somewhere with my parents, as my car stopped at a red light I saw a poor family with four members living in their small tin hut on the footpath, they did not seem in a good condition, their clothes were rugged with cracked heels and dirty hands, but they seemed happy, I could see their shining smiles with sparkling eyes on their faces, I could not catch a glimpse of sadness, I don’t know why but maybe their definition of living a life was just living it happily with their children in peace.

I still remember every minute detail about that family because they taught me something, that life is short and we should always live it happily. Some find their happiness in big things, some in small, some in achieving their dream and some with incomplete dreams, but we all should be happy and should live without regrets. We all should be grateful to God for every single moment of our life, stop crying, stop criticising it, I know there are problems, such problems that I can’t even think of, but I can only ask you to stay positive and always keep a hope that one day sun will rise from the west and will shower all it’s bright rays on you.

Think of it, what stories will you tell your coming generation, that you have led a life which consisted of only sadness and despair, no positivity, no happy days. Wake up with a smile everyday, pray and think positive , that yes today will be good day, I am not scared of any virus, I will work hard everyday inorder to achieve my dreams and be a happy person.

Think positive, Work hard and Repeat.