Are you really a feminist?

It goes long back in time when women were treated inferior to man. It was in 1848 when the first feminism movement took place, where both men and women rallied for the rights of women. In its early stage such moments focused on bringing women equal to men. But now, as time has passed, feminists focus on justice and equality for all genders. There are feminists and then there are pseudo feminists. Pseudo feminist is a person who claims to be a feminist yet they ignore the whole point of it i.e. equality.  They talk about treating women better than man, which is not the point of feminism. There is a very thin line between a feminist and a pseudo feminist. A feminist will say, everyone can do whatever they want  but a pseudo feminist will say I am a women I won’t do this work. A feminist  talks about equality for all genders but a pseudo feminist will say women deserve more respect. Many people on social media don’t know the real meaning of feminism and in turn they end up being a pseudo feminist.  Respect can’t be gained on the basis of gender, it has to be earned. Because of pseudo feminists, the real feminists are called upon and are questioned. Also, because of this the real issues are sometimes  left unattended and unnoticed.

Internet plays an important role in all this. As we all know, information spreads faster on the web. People start believing what the majority of the people are saying but it’s not always true. This leads to the spread of wrong information and harmful outcomes.  Most of them think feminism is about choice of clothes and choice of whoever they want to talk to, but its more than that.  If a women likes to cook and take care of her house, it’s okay, this doesn’t mean that she is forced to do it or that she’s a slave. Also, if a man wants to do these same things, it’s okay, it’s what he wants to do. Job, work, tasks need not be gender based. People should be allowed to do whatever they want to. All this can be solved with a little bit of knowledge and sense.

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