Russian Covid-19 immunogen still has miles to travel.

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Do not pin your hopes thereon ‘successful’ Russian immunogen

On Monday evening, news portals and social media were suddenly flooded by the news that a Russian medical university has completed the trial of the world’s 1st Covid immunogen. folks were elated and quizzical at constant time because the news skint. therefore is that the wait extremely over for a good Covid-19 vaccine?

“A report by the TASS press agency of Russia on Gregorian calendar month ten aforesaid the clinical test clinical trials would endways Gregorian calendar month fifteen, whereas the second section would begin on Gregorian calendar month thirteen.”

Like all the opposite potential candidates, one being developed in Russia is additionally aloof from being prepared at this time. various reports on Sunday had claimed that clinical trials for a Russian immunogen had been “successfully” completed. What most of those reports didn’t specifically mention is that solely phase-I of the clinical trials had been completed. Phase-II trials area unit speculated to begin Monday, whereas there’s no clarity over phase-III trials.

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