What this lockdown trying to School us?

Everyone out there saying, Nature is healing and it is the revenge of nature that’s why we’re suffering this pandemic because we people were harming our mother ‘Earth’ and some posting that, let’s not pollute our planet, use of vehicles should be less and blah, blah… That’s completely okay if we’ll not safeguard our planet then who will.

But Maybe nature taught us the real meaning of freedom that we craved for in the past 2 months and we’re neglecting it.

Maybe she is making us realise the value of freedom of those birds and animals who are caged inside our homes and zoo.  Don’t they deserve this freedom, and after being caged in our homes in this pandemic, why we’re still not sensing this common message?

Maybe we can’t do less use of vehicles for less pollution and maybe we can, but there’s one thing we can surely do, ‘To release those innocents’, let them free and fly all around, the way we wanted in this lockdown and if still, we’re not realising this then nothing can make us sense their freedom.

This earth is their mother too, they do deserve this freedom.

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