WORK FROM HOME; the New Reality

Work from home sounds familiar right? After all that’s what most of us have been up to for the past four months. Before this pandemic, work from home used to be a delight for many. It used almost feel like a day off. There was no need of waking up early, getting ready and most importantly travelling in the peak hour traffic. It was indeed a something that office goers looked forward to. Not anymore though. We have had enough in these four months that we don’t want to work from home for at least a year now. So many things that we took for granted during the normal times we realise now. Waking up early, having a routine, cursing the traffic on the way to and back from work, those hour long meetings, coffee breaks in between with your office gang, just waiting for Friday and making crazy weekend plans that would probably not happen. These are just a few things that we hated then but now we really miss these times. Working from home is not exciting anymore. We have lost a sense of routine and social life. And the workload seems to have multiplied a hundred times more. Working alone with no one that you could ask suggestions from or clear a doubt immediately. Of course we can text or call but having someone right next to you feels different. You feel that you’re not alone, there is someone right next to you going through something similar and handling the same kind of pressure, it gives you a sense of confidence. Also working from home does not provide you a favourable atmosphere. Office atmosphere makes you more productive and in the mood to get work done. But at home you tend to feel more lazy and unproductive. There are also a whole lot of distractions. You are also staring at the digital screens more which is not good for your eyes. Zoom call after zoom call, clearing your inbox, working around projects is just too much for your eyes to handle. And most of us go on social media for a break or watch a movie on Netflix. This is not healthy for us. For the name of it we are working from home and with our family but we are more distant from them.

However in these unprecedented times, not much is in our own hands now. We have to make the most of what we can. Try to have a daily routine; this really helps bring a sense of normalcy. Have a fixed sleep schedule. Make sure to follow a good and healthy diet. Don’t forget to exercise because keeping your body and mind fit is very important. Do give your eyes some break form the screens it will be of great help. Try to find hobbies that you like and pursue something instead of bingeing shows or going on social media. Try your best to make something productive and worthy of your free time and boredom. Finally, we might not get a chance like this in the future so make the most of what you’ve got folks.

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