A Roller Coaster of the LAST DAYS OF COLLEGE

This year has been unpredictable in many ways. We have seen terrible occurrences right from the very beginning of the year. What with the bushfires that started around south wales, Australia that a third state emergency had to be called. This was just day 2 of the New Year 2020. Then we saw war threats between the United States of Americas military and Iran. And I don’t even need to mention the corona virus pandemic that took over the entire world. A lot experienced in such a short span of time. We didn’t know what more to expect from this year.

But as everything came to a standstill with complete shutdowns and lockdown and social distancing taking over, many panicked on how they will be handling this new normal. I am focusing on the student community especially the final year students who were supposed to be having farewell parties and reminiscing their college years that had come to an end.

With this sudden take-over of the pandemic, all colleges shutdown adhering to the government issued guidelines. Mid-March that’s when it started in India. We however did not know how long this would be and honestly no one took this serious enough. We underestimated this issue to a great extent.

As time progressed colleges started taking classes online and giving out assignments. As this was happening, simultaneously the corona cases started rapidly increasing. Despite the best efforts taken by the government and the frontline and essential workers the cases were blowing out of proportion. This delayed the time as lockdown kept getting extended. As time was running short, colleges were forced to conduct online exams especially to the final year students. The UGC issued guidelines regarding this and gave the colleges the authority to conduct online exams for the final years.

Online exams were conducted and the results declared. This was a major change for the students as they had least expected the turn of events. They definitely exercised something new and scary. They would not in their wildest dreams imagine that they’ll take up their final exams of their college in this manner.

The most important part was that during a crisis like this the placements were not welcoming. With loyal employees being forcefully terminated and the market crashing, it was not a favourable situation to the fresh graduates. Unemployment was peaking with major layoffs from even reputed companies.

These young adults had to go through so much unprecedented activities during their last days of college life. They missed on some cherishable memories of farewell parties, the final exams with their friends, hanging out around the college campus and remembering fond memories of their college life in the campus. But what’s more important for them now is how they take their career and move forward. I’m sure this is not what they expected at the end of their carefree college times but I’m very sure that they have the ability and capacity to take failures in their stride and come up in life. I wish all of you the very best.

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