Five people rule hack

Vaishali Singh (Cheenu Singh Rathore)

So here in this blog I have mentioned the ways through which you can hack the 5 people rule which states that you’re the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with. So to know more read ut till the end.

They say you’re an average of the 5 people you spend your most of the time with. It’s somewhere true that people have their influences on you, whether the wrong influences or the right ones and I have witnessed it through my eyes. I’ll take you to the time when I went to the University for the first time, I was highly motivated and very sincere, though I’m same today ūüėÄ but I have seen that your friends or the people you spend your time with have impact on your mindset, and somehow they leave their prints on your subconscious, here the painting of the white wall rule comes into play, this particular rule states that, when you’re a kid your mind is as clean as a white wall, but overtime your experiences,  the things people did to you and the things they’ve said to you paints your white wall with multiple colours and your mind or perhaps or subconscious mind start to put limits based upon your life experiences and the things done by the people, now to prevent your white wall or your clear mind to be painted by the wrong colours you have 2 options the one is to stay away from such negative people, but that’s not possible every time and the option 2 takes you to the spiritual concept and i.e. meditation, meditation can help you to get rid of all the unwanted collection of garbage you’ve collected overtime inside your head. Well I think, I got deviated from the topic  I had to tell you about the 5 people rule,  so let’s get back to the topic, it’s better to be alone than being with the wrong minded people, that means the ones who have different mindset, never be with them.

So what to do now?? You might be thinking this, to solve your mind puzzle I have some concepts, keep yourself busy in the stuffs you like and follow your dream path always keep working towards your goals and just Unfollow every single account on social media whether it instagram, whatsapp or facebook or any other platform which doesnt inspire you and follow the accounts which inspires you and pushes you to follow your dreams and the accounts which teaches you something or motivates you, and also be involved in some of the entertaining activities to keep your mind healthy and happy, it was the 1st hack, now listen to the podcasts, watch great and valuable content, read good stuff reading is the major factor in the path of success, learn new things through internet also do sometimes write your thoughts out, share your knowledge and experiences with the world. Talking to your parents and family members, spending time with your siblings, cooking and consuming the right food to keep your body and mind fit, do yoga and workout, just spend your whole time with yourself and do what you like to do, no matter what is is but never get influenced by the wrong things ( I hope you’ve got my point), there is a phase in our lives where we get attracted towards the wrong things, but deep down our heart knows what’s right or what’s wrong, the choice is always ours. The time we don’t value is the time we’ll crave to get back later,  remember this, lil bud.

All these things can help you to hack the people rule where you cannot be physically connected to them but can be digitally connected thanks to this modern digital world.

Thank you

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