Musical nostalgia

Vaishali Singh (Cheenu Singh Rathore)

And sometimes in life the music playing in the background brings you back to the most beautiful days of your life, music is also known to bring the nostalgia,  Some musical notes makes you feel a bit different, the closing credit (background music) of “Gortimer Gibbons Life On Normal Street” (a web series casts on Prime Amazon) is an example of such a of music, I’m in love with it, though this web series casted 12 or 13 years old children, but somehow I got so much connected to that series that it became my favourite series, at the end of the each episode they share a moral, and somewhere in this fast-paced world, we are losing our morals values and ethics, the show has casted the light on all aspects of life, it showed 3 friends, who are just young kids, but handles all the tough situations of life, the show has also showed the process of growing up and a tons of life lessons, I am very bad at watching web series and movies as well I don’t watch movies so often and when it comes to web series I never watch them, but somehow amidst this outbreak I got to see a web series called “Just Add Magic”, it was all about magic spell and cook book, it was the first web series which made me feel to watch the next episode and I completed this series within a very less amount of time, this web series awaked my interest in this magical illusion so I googled “web series like JUST ADD MAGIC” and just got this name “GORTIMER GIBBONS LIFE ON NORMAL STREET” on the top of the result so when I started watching it I liked it lesser than the first one but overtime this particular series somehow made me so attached to it, and especially the music which plays at the end of each episode.             I’ve learnt a lot from this show, although I haven’t watched it all episodes yet but this song has gave me a lifetime memory.