Present Scenario of India in the wake of coronavirus

From past three months our country is facing a series pandemic i.e. coronavirus that resulted to lockdown in India from 24 March,2020 declared by our prime minister Narendra Modi. COVID-19 is the greatest challenge of our age that has taken life of many people till date. Till now there are 3, 80,532 cases in india, total deaths due to this increased to 12,573. Coronavirus pandemic should serve as a wake up call for India in many situations like health infrastructure, self reliant India, digital India, unemployment rate , poverty.
Coronavirus highlights the problem of migrant labour in India which is not able to reach their homes and is left jobless in this harsh conditions. But however, govt supported them and managed to provide basic requirements of food and money for their survival.
The coronavirus is a wake up call to strengthen health infrastructure in India. The capital of India , New Delhi has the second largest number of cases in india where there are no beds left in govt hospitals . The poor people are not able to get public healthcare with the shortcoming. The public as well as private healthcare system needs fixing. India not even spend 2% of their gdp in heath that strongly needs to be improved . But good side is that everyone is cooperating in this harsh time . The Indian railways are converted into isolation wards, gurudwara committee had also decided to convert their areas of gurudwara in Delhi into isolation wards and provide them basic healthcare facilities.
COVID-19 is an opportunity for India to be self reliant. We should reduce our dependence on imports. From this state will get better revenue and rate of employment will be increased in our country. There will be positive impact on every stratum of the society. Hence we should strengthen our infrastructure for basics hygiene.

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