Your work is your definition

Vaishali Singh (Cheenu Singh Rathore)

Your work is your identity, your work is everything.

I want to tell you that, your work ethics, the way you work is everything, a person is only identified by his or her actions, the things he or she has done, the values he or she has given to the society.

Life is like an illusion, no one has discovered the real meaning of life yet. We don’t even know why the God has created this world, and what is the purpose of life, but one thing I have observed so far is that your words are imperishable even after life, people will remember you by your work ethics by the values you have given to them, by the words you’ve spoken out, and it’s explicit that no matter how intelligent you’re unless you haven’t done anything no one would value your sayings.

A person is not identified by the cast he or she has born in, not by the amount of money he or she earns, not by the brands he or she wears, not by the phone he or she uses, a person is identified by his or her karmas only. There is no scale to measure one’s intelligence, like you can’t judge somebody’s intelligence based upon his or her English speaking skills, language is just a medium of conveying feelings or nothing else.

Now, I am sharing 2 examples down below to convey my message:-

(I) A.P.J. Abdul Kalam :- We always remember him as Missile Man of India, for his work and development of ballistic missile, as a visionary, a hardworking, a pragmatist, a great leader and as a person who has influenced the life of many. We never remember him by his cast, by his face, by the car he used to drive, or by the brand he used to wear.

Let’s take another example of an extremely popular writer named Premchand, he was famous for his modern Hindi- Urdu literature. He is one of the most honoured writer of the Indian subcontinent, and regarded as one of the foremost Hindi writers of early 20th century. Premchand’s writing are very famous till date, as you have definitely read some of his stories in your textbooks, many of the directors filmed Premchand’s stories as series and aired them on television. For your ease let me tell you that he was a very simple man, he never had the most expensive clothes, and a writer named Harishankar Parsai wrote a story named “Premchand ke phate joote” / Premchand’s torn shoes” about him, that story was an irony on Premchand, in which Harishankar Parsai wrote that Premchand was a very grounded and simple man, in the story Harishankar Parsai highlighted Premchand’s personality in a way as he wanted to show that Premchand wasn’t an ostentatious person, in simple words he wasn’t a show off favourite person. Once he got clicked a picture with his wife and in that picture his shoes were torn out, and the writer used that incident as the story he plotted as PREMCHAND’S TORN SHOES, eventhough he didn’t supported him if you will read it in depth you would understand that it was an ironical story, anyway I don’t want to bother you much about Premchand and Harishankar Parsai but my motive of stating it here was to make you understand that your personality builds with your work not with your dressing sense or the things and the stuff you have.

The world will never remember you by the things and stuff you have, people will always remember you by the work you’ve done. – Vaishali Singh.