Film Review: Chhapaak

 Vaishali Singh (Cheenu Singh Rathore)

Every now and then there will be a war, a war between right and wrong, a war between yes and no, a war between male and female. Chhapaak  is an example of such a war. It’s a 2020 film directed by Meghna Gulzar, casted light on the harsh reality of the society, where you can see the difference between the life of a man and a woman, in the movie a man of 30, named Basheer Khan, tried to destroy the life of a 19 years old girl, named Maalti (role played by Deepika Padukone) by splashing acid on her face, just because Maalti refused his romantic overtures. There was a dialogue in the movie, “Acid attack unhi ladkiyon par hua jo ya toh padna chahtin thin ya phir badna chahtin thin,” it shows the male dominance in the society. Chhapaak is all about the pain and darkness faced by Maalti and her efforts to fight against all the odds of life.
She fought a case against Basheer Khan & at the same time she also filed a PIL to ban the use of acid so that in further future no one else would have to face what she has faced. After a long and exhausting battle of 7 years she finally won her case.
Although, Indian government has not banned the use of acid but it’s selling has been regulated. 

Though chhapaak is now an outdated movie as it was released in the month of January and it’s been 5 months to its release.
But this movie gave me goosebumps when I saw it, I’m posting this old piece of my work because it was one of those movies which sniffed me into tears and forced my mind to think about the harsh truths of life.
To those who haven’t watched it yet, this film review can help you to understand the concept behind making this movie.
After watching it a thought came to my mind and that was “Jo cheez dil par asar kar deti hai aksar wahi likhna par majboor bhi kar deti hai.

Sharing my piece of work which was published in the daily newspaper, ” The Message ” of JECRC University.

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