Freedom of press and newspaper

Article 19 states right to freedom of speech and expression that is guaranteed to every citizen of India.It is the communication and expression through various media like print, electronic etc. In today’s scenario , its right to say that media make and break image of a person, party or a leader that’s why media in today’s atmosphere think that they are above everybody, even call themselves as fourth pillar of democracy. But we have three pillars of democracy that are also control under this media.

I can give you very basic example how media play dirty politics. We have an Official Secret Act,1923 according to which we cannot disclose any service related information to outsiders. However, if we see to the current conditions that our higher hierarchy retired from defence services important and secret information related to defence installation are disclosed by media to gain public admiration and sympathy. They disclose all important features and aspects of defence installation which are superior and shouldn’t known to anyone.

Not this only, even during some terrorist attack like 26/11, Patthankot air base attack ,2016 ,this media coverage has disclose the positions of our security by live telecasting when our country is on serious threat causing loss of lives. It is the worst type of media which has cause loss of defense personal lives and agony to our country.

However, they have hijacked the 3 pillars of democracy and in real words they are black spot on our system. There are also some media persons which follow the real traditions of journalism but in today’s scenario we see a very dim light of real journalism.

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