The Gates and The Jobs

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are the most important technologies of the last century, and they have had a spectacular debate over friendships based on respect until Jobs’ death in 2011.
Gates, the world’s most successful and wealthy Microsoft founder, praised Apple’s previous co-founder for Jobs’ leadership qualities and his ingenious ability to motivate his employees. However, there is one aspect of Jobs’ that Gates is still jealous of, Gates says in a new interview with the Wall Street Journal.

A senior Microsoft official talks about how we should work hard to be the best public speaker in all of his work and admits that public speaking is one of the areas where Jobs made it easy for him to be beaten, according to an interview, published Tuesday to promote Netflix’s new book about Gates’ life and career on September 20. .
“Steve Jobs was living in nature at the time,” Gates told WSJ of Jobs’ public speaking skills, which Gates said allowed jobs to sell people to any product, or subsidiary. “He could have said that, in the case of Ne Computer Computer [followed after his expulsion from Apple], that was not only a good thing about the machine, but also to scare people to death if they were there.
Gates goes on to say that he wishes he could imitate his old friend and rival in that regard, especially in terms of raising awareness about the various reasons why Gates and his wife, Melinda, became champions on their non-profit basis.
“I wish I could be magical because I have some influential causes and I need to make sure they are ignored,” Gates said in an interview, referring to the work done by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. addressing global problems, from disease prevention research to the fight against poverty.
Gates notes that “some things, such as polio eradication, are naturally motivated,” but he still believes that Job’s ability to sell any product or idea will work well, even though Gates has worked to improve his public speaking over the years. (At least one billion manager, Zoom founder Eric Yuan, offers Bill Gates the opportunity to participate in public speaking since the 1990s to encourage him to start an online business.)
He states: “I am not a preacher. “I have learned a lot about public speaking, and how to express how I can address these issues over time. I’m ready for that in a sense. ”
More importantly, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is one of the world’s most independent philanthropic foundations, with grants of more than $ 50 billion. Also, Gates and his fellow building official Warren Buffett, have also convinced hundreds of wealthy people to donate billions of dollars of their wealth to charities as part of their Giving Pledge campaign.
This is not the first time Gates has praised Jobs’ ability to get people to embrace his particular vision. Jobs had a way of “spreading the word” to encourage his employees, Gates told CNN in an July interview.
“I was like a little witch because she wrote spells, and I saw people filling their mouths, but because I’m a little witch, spells don’t work for me. Said by Gates.

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