UGC guidelines on COVID-19

 The guidelines given by the University Grants Commission (UGC) have become challenge in the Supreme Court. Today 31 students from various universities in 13 states and one union territory moved the top court. Amongst them, one is a COVID-19 patient. The UGC’s decision of postponing final-year exams till the 30th September 2020 becuase of the Corona pandemic is one of the main points of problem. Using the social media, students across the country have been demanding for the revised guidelines. 

The petition has talked about the cancellation of final-year examinations for universities across the country. Results should be declared on the basis of past performance and internal assessment of a student, it says. The petitioners have also demanded that the mark sheets should be awarded and the degrees to successful students by July 31, 2020. The 31 petitioners have also demanded adoption of CBSE mechanism and providing of another chance to those dissatisfied with their marks.

Earlier on Saturday, Maharashtra Cabinet Minister and Yuva Sena President Aaditya Thackeray filed a writ petition in the court seeking relief for lakhs of students throughout the country. “Today Yuva Sena has filed a written petition in the Supreme Court with prayers to save lives of crores students, teachers, non-teaching staff and their family members by asking the UGC not to be stubborn about enforcing examinations when India has crossed the 10 lakh cases mark,” Thackeray mentioned. He further said that the academic excellence couldn’t be judged by one examination. “For academic excellence, we must calculate the aggregate marks of the past semesters. Beyond which, if students still feel the need to appear for an examination, they voluntarily may do so post COVID. The petition is for each and every student across the country, being forced to appear for an examinaton in an absolutely bizarre judgement of the situation by UGC and non-flexibility when it comes to human safety,” he said.

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