Book Review: Free lancing guide, Pyjama Profit

Vaishali Singh (Cheenu Singh Rathore)

If you want to build an indepebdent free lance career right away then here is the solution, the book Pyjama profit is a free lancing guide, it has the answers of all the questions wandering in your mind whenever you think of this one word ‘freelancing’ grab your copy and start doing what you love to do and get paid for it.

So here is a short and concise review of the book.

The millennial’s guide to a sustainable freelance career, it is the tagline of one of the best selling books on Amazon, ‘PYJAMA PROFIT’ the authors of the book are Varun Mayya and Abhinav Chhikara. The books is all about their journeys from the freelancing to a successful and stable business, the co author of the book Varun Mayya says “Tommorow, if you put me in a strange country without any resources, all I need is a laptop and an internet connection and I know I’ll build myself an awesome life fairly quick.”

Pyjama profit is a modern guide to free lancing. The book talks about the in demand online skills, the different paths one can take to become an expert in specific fields and the freedom that freelancing allows to hone further skills, taking on bigger assignments. A stable income from freelancing was the bedrock that allowed the authors – Varun and Abhinav to pursue their dreams and passions. Now, they have shared their stories of what worked for them and how anyone, anywhere can thrive without being tied to a 9 to 5 job. The book is a perfect fit in today’s time as the freelance economy grows and so do the aspiration among millennials to find a work they love, and not just something that pays their bills.