Impact of Covid 19

COVID 19 enters the world with the starting of the year 2020.In its beginning it strikes to leading powers of the world like America,CHINA,Italy, Britain. It grabs the people in the mouth of death and creates a situation of great economic depression all over the world. Slowly overtime, it is affecting developing and underdeveloped countries.COVID-19 impacts are both positive and negative. It shows its impact in every aspect. These aspects are-
1. Sociological 2. Economic 3. Political 4. Administration of country

Positive impacts of COVID 19 are– A. It reduces pollution level. B. Improve air index C. Give good time to spend with family D.Make people to understand that life and family are more important than money.

Whole world is fighting together against this pandemic. At this time everyone’s focus is on COVID-19 leaving aside other matters of economy, development and administration.COVID-19 came with many positive impacts but we can’t neglect its negative impacts also.

Negative impact of COVID-19 are

  1. Sociological impact – As modernisation and urbanisation are increasing, emotional attachment is decreasing among people.And COVID 19 also introduces another weapon i.e. social distancing.It puts impact on festivals,rituals,ceremonies etc. It breaks the social bonding among people.
  2. Economical impact- Major impact of COVID 19 is on the world economy. Economy is on a downfall day by day. During lockdown the government is in loss of 35 thousand crore daily.Every source of the economy is on break.Each and every day of lockdown is like a burden on the government.It creates a situation when input is very less and output is on peak.
  3. Political impact- COVID 19 touched each and every field. Politics is also affected by it.Sessions of parliament are adjourned sine die.
  4. Education- Education is also affected by the COVID 19 . Colleges remain closed since march, all competitive exams are postponed. This impact of COVID 19 affects the development of our nation also.
  5. Administration of country- All above impacts affects the administration of the country.We cannot even imagine the future consequences and situation of our nation.COVID19 pulls us 30 years back.
    Conclusion – We all have to unite to fight against COVID 19, otherwise we have to face worse consequenses.COVID 19 strikes poor starta the most. It’s our moral duty to keep poor, so that the country’s administration can be improved.COVID 19 negative impacts can’t be underestimated but on other hand we also can’t underestimate the positive impacts.Problems for whose solution international conferences were now solved automatically.

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