It’s not your weakness, it’s their strength

Are you motivated to do something? It’s what we call it but people will call it as influencing. They didn’t betray you, you trusted them. You are easy target for them. It’s you whom you should change. People are easy target for them. It’s us who should make us strong. Beleiving is good, but trusting is not better. They create a impression on your brain that you get attracted to them. It’s not your weakness, it’s their strength. Try to make yourself from such incidents.

Trusting blindly will not happen all of sudden. It’s a slower process where they crate a impact of them on you. People with clarity will definitely fake the people who actually wanted to fake us. So be careful while choosing friends. It’s easy to get influenced because it’s difficult to influence. Believing and betraying is a cycle. People who got betrayed will become the people will betray. it’s a never ending cycle. It ends when people start betraying. It only happens when people stop betraying. Have clarity over such things. There are too smart to catch. They influence you with their magical words which create a direct impact on your brain. Escape from such things.

Have a true life rather than making people suffer. Be kind and gentle atleast to yourself. Anyone no one gonna live permanent. People will betray someone untill people stop betraying. Have guts to earn something by working hard. Believe in your work and have confidence in you. Be happy with what you have rather than wasting your time on something that you never get. Go in a truthful manner and definitely right yhing will happen.

You definitely do what your friend had done because you too wanted to do what he did. It’s good it it’s good but if you do something wrong them that’s completely wrong. You will definitely get influenced by your friends unknowingly. You should have a control over your thoughts on this issue. It becomes serious if you do something that shouldn’t be done.