Section 375

In our country like India women’s are worshipped like goddess but still are not respected. There are lot of crimes against women like acid attack , stalking, hacking their personal pictures, sexual abuse, and many more which they have to face. So, we are here to discuss one of the most serious crime that occurs in every minute of time.Section 375 of IPC define one of the most henious crime i.e. Rape

Since we have assumed women to be weaker section of society, so all these sections are introduce for them , for their protection. Our laws gives them right where they can raise their voice and fight for their justice.
There is one real incident of a boy Manav Singh 17 yrs. old who committed suicide due to being falsely accused of rape. The girl, Bhavleen Kaur confessed that she was raped by him but there was no evidence and immediately his story gets viral . She and her friends started giving threaten calls and messages to the boy. He under tremendous pressure decided to commit suicide. This happens because there is no men’s commission to raise voice for falsely accused mens. We live in a society where no matter whatsoever is wrong or right we only accept that our narrow mindset allows. It is evident that there are few provisions in IPC which are anti – feminist. These provisions violates Article 14 i.e. equality to all but in our society women’s are portrayed as victims and men as perpetrators. In some cases, Women in the name of feminism use their rights in order to exploit men. Some laws must be introduced that safeguards the dignity of men as well.

India is a country where both men and women needs to acknowledged their rights. However, our constitution provides equal platforms to raise their voice against inequality. Society thinks that men need to be strong and they are treated as perpetrators. But there should be ‘ MENTOO’ to give equal rights like women.
But, even now if we see the situation of our country, society is stuck between old customs and narrow mindset. They believes that giving more liberty to women is against Indian culture which is not right. This society believes that once a woman is married then her implied consent for sexual intercourse is always present.
Many women are sexually assaulted by their husbands. So it’s high time that we criminalized Martial Rape but before criminalizing it a lots of changes are needed to be brought up not just in law but in our society too, the mindsets of people needs to be changed or upgraded to a better level where the men understands the dignity of women as their own and vice versa.

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