How India’s Democracy is Like No Other Nation

Indian democracy though not the oldest but still the largest of all democracies around the globe. It has its own sets of merits and demerits to which we would like to shed some lights on. The Indian political diaspora is unlike any other political system being quite complex with its 100s of national and state wise political parties. A system so diverse, that would always have some room for new political parties making it extreme difficult to choose from, for the citizens with voting rights. Political groups mostly based on caste or creed, religions or regions, are spread across the nation with dedicated voters who would never turn them down.

Now this can’t be concluded that Indian democracy is a bucket of flaws, it’s just that it has too much flexibility and has scope for all measures. A ferocious criminal would have equal citizen rights just as an innocent law abiding citizen would have. The Indian judiciary never sees any accused with public or news media’s perspective; everyone would go through same court trial. The Indian judiciary says “Doesn’t matter how many culprits are left unpunished but under no circumstances an innocent be punished”.

The many political party system on one hand obstructs the formation of decisive actions for the betterment of nation, it basically slows the overall process of national development but on the other hand it also ensures that no such bill/law to be passed that is unacceptable even to the super minorities of the country. Multiple party systems also ensure that representative of all castes or creeds, religions or races are present in the law forming parliament house. A good opposition is equally responsible for national growth as like a good running government.

A good democracy also ensures that no military gets above the political power and this situation remains likewise forever. We have many examples of failed/ collapsed nations who had military power above the political will, these countries being Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen and Pakistan. These countries had been victims of military hijack, where its citizens lost all their fundamental rights and political system could not do anything. In ministry of defence, Governors, President poses all political and decision making rights above all security forces, be it Army, Air Force, Navy or Police.

An army’s general would seek indirect permissions from the Prime Minister of India and not the President alone. Political leaders elected directly by the common crowd of India possess much more power than any government official or a representative further elected by the elected members.

This basically protects the idea of free India, a place for all and a place where every opinion matters. We do understand that Indian democracy is designed such that it would take greater time to incorporate changes, because when you have to bring together a crowd of 1.4 Billion with their agreeable opinions, it will take time.

Indian democracy isn’t just the largest, it has room for all. As mentioned earlier in this article, it takes time to initiate changes for the good but the good stays forever and for a law abiding citizen would be able to protect his dream for the better and safe tomorrow.