Impulsivity , what’s the tendency?

Excessive composed mental illness can cause impulsiveness and route to several toxic and unlikely scenarios which create room for apprehensive behavior and self harm. Sensitive matters as such are meant to be dealt with utmost captivating mindsets , in brief people who can actually listen and just not hear. Hearing out someone differs from listening to their anxiety subjects. Delicate tone of things like mental health are always lined up in a very thin statements of secrets , confidential thing but the question arises that why such sensitive matters are to be seen in such views. What’s the apparent tendency of twenty first century facing peak times in these cases of impulsiveness effecting in absurd change in graphs of their thoughts. There is a fine line of communication and thoughts that a certain person bottles up in a very exaggerated moments.

Taken care of or seriously ?

Either ways can’t be chosen by one particular individual because , the problem sometimes comes with the listener and not the teller. How seriously is the listener taking the teller in the contexts and views of his mental illness? People , if put in brief , the listeners who are oblivious of what depression , anxiety and panic attacks can do to a person think that mental illness isn’t even a thing. For them , it’s just a made up thing to flex on excuses and sorts. The more seriously listener takes the teller , the better mental health. Keep listening.

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