Nepotism in Bollywood

Nowday, Nepotism is in the ears of every person. It is basically giving favoritism to their own relatives in various fields like business, politics, entertainment, sports, religion and many other activities.

In bollywood, after sushant Rajput death nepotism has become a hot topic for debate. Recently, bollywood actress Kanga Ranaut appeared on a channel where she spoke about the culture of nepotism prevailing from earlier time that resulted into Sushant Rajput’s death. She mentions that in this industry there must be godfather behind every actor otherwise their survival is difficult. After Sushant Singh shocking suicide nepotism is highlighted in bollywood. Famous director Karan Johar was called the flag bearer of nepotism on his famous talk show ‘koffee with Karan’ by actress Kanga Ranaut. Many celebs in this industry feel that it’s unfair on the outsiders who are genuinely talented and more deserving. But due to nepotism they left behind. It is very difficult for outsiders to work in bollywood but there are also some success stories like Kanga Renaut, Katrina Kaif, and Sonu Sood who have made it their own. Star kids are getting better launch pads but that can’t stop outsiders from creating their base in the industry.

But when we talk about nepotism it is in each and every profession. For example. A lawyer’s son will have easy access to being a lawyer by virtue of growing in that environment. By the same logic, even an actor kid will have that advantage.Not that star kids are not talented but they get opportunities far easier, projects far bigger and high budget for their films. Nepotism is never ending topic in bollywood that is over discussed concept

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