What is Communication?

Ability to communicate is one of the special characteristics that a human being possess. The roots of communication is as old as the origin of Human beings. Man is created as a social being. Without interactions with other people, one can hardly survive. Communication plays a vital role in a man’s life. It is very important to share and express one’s emotions and ideas to other. Thus communication is an irrefutable element in a man’s life. It is a mesmerizing fact that communication had developed even before the evolution of languages. People of the early period used symbols and signs for communication. Cave and rock paintings were the most common way people used earlier to convey messages. Thus it can also be called as an art.

            Communication is the exchange of ideas and information that happens between two or more people with the help of a medium. It need not be spoken language always. There are myriads of ways where communication can be possible. People use different methods to convey their emotions and ideas. Pictures, posters, graphs and symbols can also be used for communication process. Sometimes even colors and objects also communicate to us. Man has developed a pattern or some customs in the world he lives in, in order to make communication effective. Colors are used to define one’s emotions. Black represent sadness, crime; White represents peace; red represents danger. The objects that we use also communicates something. Chain represents captivity; Flower represents love; crown represents royalty. Thus everything that we see around us communicates something to us in one way or the other. It is thus understandable how complicated the process can be!

Communication with a mass audience was the challenge that humans faced as the time passed. With the evolution of the world, man has invented varieties of techniques and Medias to make this process convenient and simple. Media are just the channel through which communication can be done. It help to convey the messages to a large number of people. Number of media are being introduced just to make the communication effective and easier day by day. These medias are classified basically into two; traditional media and digital media.

Traditional media are also referred to as old media, implying its prolonged existence in the world. The oldest form of traditional media is newspaper which have been prominent for centuries. Newspapers strained off the papyrus and pamphlets and other newsletters. Bill boards, print advertisements like brochures and flyers are other main mediums that come under traditional media. New media comprises of photos, videos, films, text, symbols, graphs, data’s, links, pictographs and charts. Thus it is also referred to as multi media.

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