Section 377

Section 377 of Indian penal code criminalizes homosexuality and says whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against the order of nation with any man; woman or animal shall be punished with imprisonment for life. However, the Supreme Court on 6 September, 2018, decriminalized the section 377 of IPC. The sc said that it is natural and people have no control over it. Being homosexual is not a disease but people in India still don’t accept. Before moving further we need to know what homosexuality is.

It is basically same sex attraction and attraction can physical, emotional or psychological of the same sex.LGBT means lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender. The LGBT community is harassed now also they still are not respected in our society even after law has accepted. Their human rights are violated. These people suffer a lot they even can’t approach to police station if there is any case of sexual assault and rape on them. HIV AIDS are mostly found in same sex but they are neither provided with proper heath facilities nor aware about these diseases transmission. There are separate schools for them that are discriminatory. They are prevented from seeking legal protection from violence just because they are attracted to same sex people. A culture of silence in society is created about homosexuality that results to their denial and rejection at home as well as discrimination in workplaces and public places. They are people like us so why to treat them like this. They are called by different names like chakka, hijra and many others. They too have the same right to live in society with all dignity and respect. We all must respect them as they faced a lot in this society.

‘Made in Heaven’ one of the popular series that indicate to very serious problem LGBT where a person can’t even open to his family about his homosexuality. After knowing the truth his mother tortures her son and their landlords file a case against him. Even a married person can’t stand up for himself. It is our society who makes people so weak that they couldn’t speak up for themselves. We all should encourage such people instead of making their jokes and calling with different names and treating them with discrimination. Our law has decriminalized this section 377 but society didn’t accept this. We must give time to each other for this acceptance.

Current developments in section 377

1.       To decriminalize sexual intercourse in private between consenting adults

2.       The age of consent should be 18 or above

3.       The phrase ‘against the order of nature’ should be removed because it is not against nature, it is a natural process.

One has to understand that fight cannot be achieved only through legal amendments but you should ask yourself if you are able to accept this orientation in which one female is attracted to another female or vice versa. So it should be accompanied by awareness campaigns to educate parents, children. To adopt a healthy and supportive attitude towards homosexuals and to have broader approach to gay lifestyle or lesbian lifestyle or any other lifestyle should be considered normal.

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