Today’s Women

The position of women in society has been changed from time to time. In Vedic period women were considered to be goddesses. No social or religious function was considered to be auspicious where a woman was not present. She was called Ardhangini by her husband. That’s why the name of women was always put before the name of men like Sita-Ram, Radhey- Shyam. In Muslims the position of women is always behind the men. Also, they do not take any concrete steps to improve the status of women. Our national leaders also started working for emancipation of women. But, with change in time and technology women have left man far behind in many fields like we have women legislators, doctors, ambassadors, teachers, and lawyers. With the help of education they rise and shine. Earlier they used to remain within the four walls of house now they have broken out four walls of house and stepped ahead in life.

 Now, a modern girl has begun to live his life in its own way. She is no longer a dumb cow and can compete with boys and even sphere of life. She has become ambitious and self confident. A girl born in a poor family can also fly and enjoy like her rich friends. Earlier, a woman had to depend upon her parents, husband and family for her small basic needs. Now, the education has raised their status and become self independent.

In the past women used to take Ghunghat in front of their in-laws and husband and touched the feet of their elder ones. With change in time now women used to go office and also respect their elders. They haven’t forgotten their rituals. The only change is that they have stepped up to the outside world.

The crimes against women have increased. The crime has much to do with the existing low status of women prevalent in our society. Violence is at another level that can be emotional, physical, mental, domestic and public. Though, many measures have been taken at education, economic and independence levels that have directly or indirectly helped in increasing crime against women. If we look back historically, the status of women was quite good but now they are treated like animals, often beaten up by husbands. Women were deprived from getting education and their activities were limited to household’s chores and reproduction. The range of crime against women includes very wide range like rape, domestic violence, child marriage, dowry issue and many more. The discrimination against girl child is biggest offence. In India women are treated like goddess but this discrimination made them neglected from society. Even sometimes pregnant women do not get a proper balanced diet which leads to infant mortality rate. The attitude towards women has not been changed much. They are treated as a burden and hence denied from education. Women are considered as weaker sex. That’s why all sorts of violence are perpetrated on them. They are becoming easy targets for every male. Our society has become violent today. This is due to lawlessness in our society. Increasingly violent men are to be blamed. They have become corrupt who can’t respect a woman.

The laws have to be implemented effectively and action should be taken against violators. Women themselves have to unite and spread peace among each other and education of men is also necessary to live with peace.

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